UTSW JUNIOR FACULTY: The Inaugural SOAR Intensive Junior Faculty R-Grant Writers Workshop June 2016 NIH Submission Deadline


The “Successfully Obtaining an R” (SOAR) Program Medicine (http://www.utsouthwestern.edu/research/translational-medicine/education/grant-writing/r-grant/index.html) is offered jointly by the Center for Translational Medicine and the Office of Faculty Diversity and Development/Women’s Careers. The goals of the UT Southwestern SOAR program are to:

  1. Increase the number of NIH grant applications submissions by junior faculty
  2. Increase the number of grant application success rates
  3. Decrease the number of grant resubmissions

As part of the SOAR program, we will launch a pilot “Intensive Junior Faculty R-Grant Writers Workshop” in March 2016 that is targeted for the June 2016 NIH submission cycle. Participants will attend 6 weekly 2-hour long sessions in which they are engaged in peer review of each other’s target grant sections for that week. The sessions will be moderated by Helen L. Yin, PhD (http://profiles.utsouthwestern.edu/profile/18242/helen-yin.html). In addition, there will be a mock “Grant Review Study Session” four weeks prior to the final NIH submission deadline.

This announcement is intended to give you sufficient time to plan to fulfill the prerequisites for applying for the Workshop (deadline of Feb. 2016).


  1. Be actively writing your NIH R series research grant (such as R01, R03, R21 etc.) and have a working draft before the Workshop begins.
  2. Commit time outside of the Workshop in order to:
    1. Write and turn in your section for the week no later than the date listed below in Microsoft Word format
    2. Read and critique each other’s sections prior to the session date, and offer constructive verbal feedback at each session
    3. Work on other sections of the grant not included in the workshop (e.g. budget, letters of collaboration, resources, cover letter etc.)
  3. Attend and be actively engaged in all session discussions
    1. You must arrange your schedule accordingly
    2. Missing more than one session (without substantial and unavoidable justifications) will dismiss you from the Workshop and exclude you from enrollment in future Workshops
  4. Have a complete “as close to final as possible” draft (including all sections not covered by the Workshop) by 4/18/2016 for submission to the Mock Study Section.
  5. Submit an evaluation on the form to be provided for the Workshop
  6. Notify us when you receive your grant review scores, and/or obtain this or other types of grants.

We will be tracking your progress, to determine if the Soar R-Grant Writers Workshop achieves its stated goals and justifies institutional investment in the Program.

Workshop Schedule:

table 1



Application and Selection Criteria:

  1. Candidate and Prerequisites: This Workshop is designed for serious NIH R-series research grant writers. You must already have a working draft of your grant application by the start of the Workshop. The reason is that unless you already have a draft of your grant by the start date, it will be difficult to keep up with the pace of the workshop and to benefit maximally.
  2. Application Procedure: The anticipated application and acceptance timeline are summarized in Table 2.

table 2


A completed application has 4 parts:

  1. The Application form in RedCap.
  2. A draft of your Specific Aims page, with proposed grant title.
  3. A draft of your NIH biosketch in the current NIH-mandated format.
  4. A letter of recommendation from your division chief/or department chair/or center director, stating that he/she supports your enrollment and that you will have protected time to write the grant. Additional details will be provided in the SOARRWriters website (to be published)

Items 1-3 should be uploaded to RedCap by the candidate by 2/4/2016 (Table 2); item 4 should be sent by your supervisors directly to SOARRWriters@UTSouthwestern.edu by 2/9/2016.

  1. Candidate Selection. We welcome your applications. In the event that there is a high demand beyond our ability to accommodate 8 participants per cycle, we may regrettably have to admit a subset of applicants for this inaugural workshop.


Selection criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Whether you are submitting your first R-series research grant.
  2. Whether you are resubmitting an R-series research grant.
  3. Our assessment of
    1. your readiness to submit a competitive grant, based on your specific aims, publication records, and grant funding history (from your NIH biosketch)
    2. your commitment to the Workshop
  4. Consideration will be given to assemble a diverse group of writers, from a variety of disciplines.
  5. Candidate Notification and Letter of Commitment. Accepted candidates will be notified on 2/16/2016, and letter of commitment by the accepted candidate will be due on 2/25/2016 (Table 2). Those not immediately accepted will waitlisted, and notified should there be an unexpected opening.

Thank you very much for your support!


APPLICATION FORM – Click here to open application




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